Marijuana Industry Investment

Healthmed Services, Ltd., a cannabis producer and growing facility real estate property development marijuana business investment opportunity.

Executive Management Team

Healthmed Services, Ltd. ("HEME" or the "Company") is in the business of acquiring, and leasing and licensing growers for the cultivation, production (processing) and distribution of cannabis and cannabis-related products in southern California within an incubator environment (via its subsidiary company, namely CannaCorp, Inc.). Additionally, the Company will develop and expand its renewable fresh water and real estate assets.

Healthmed Services executives have extensive International business development, growth, managemnt and profit generation expertise in multiple industry sectors.

Jim Shipley, President & CEO

Mr. Shipley has over 50 years of senior executive business and management experience in publicly traded and private companies taking them public and onto the trading exchanges, which includes; finance, financial services, mortgage, real estate development and construction.

He has secured $500 million dollar mortgage warehouse lines of credit, and pioneered with his partner Intel completing mortgage applications via video conferencing. Jim has extensive public corporation experience, executive and operations management, taking businesses into the public marketplace, and mergers and acquisitions.

P. Roger Oldfield, Vice President

Mr. Oldfield has 40 years experience in founding, developing and executive management of businesses and start-ups, to include; finance, marketing/sales, operations, international central and private banking, and product and technology (IP) licensing and distribution.

He has a successful track record in various industries and taking companies into the public marketplace, to include; an eco-products company; Native American Indian gaming mixed-use development company; and national real estate management and development company.

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