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Marijuana Industry Investment

Executive Business Summary

Healthmed Services, Ltd. ("HEME" or the "Company") is in the business of acquiring, and leasing and licensing growers for the cultivation, production (processing) and distribution of cannabis and cannabis-related products in southern California within an incubator environment (via its subsidiary company, namely CannaCorp, Inc.). Additionally, the Company will develop and expand its renewable fresh water and real estate assets.

As result of Adult Use of Marijuana Act, implemented January, 2018, the Company will enter the cannabis market through development of an incubator project. Project site has state Highway access, water and local transportation are convenient and accessible, and the City government has designated the project site - legal planting zoning. The project's development is timely, as the combined legal product sales in California is projected at SI.6 billion in 2018. This will place the state's medical and recreational industry on track to hit $6.5 billion in revenue by 2020. While, the nation's legal cannabis industry is expected to reach $23 billion.

The Company business strategy includes partnering with property owners to become one of the state's largest suppliers of land and buildings or incubator space, where individual greenhouse owners (tenants) will produce products for medical purposes, scientific, government programs, etc, while the Company reap the benefits of their combined exponential growth. The incubator wall provide tenants with licensing, product testing, research and development, and business operating and security systems. In addition, the Company will provide for construction, equipment financing and assignment of product grow licenses, technical support, and product inspection services to ensure high quality product levels.

In summary, the Company and its investors are at the tipping point of new growth business, which is projected to have product sales in California of $1.6 billion in 2018, and $6.5 billion in 2020.

Assets & Expertise

Marijuana Business investment  Proprietary Growing and Incubator Systems, and Licensing

Marijuana growers investment  Exclusive Development and Planting Rights

Cannabis Growers Investment  International Business and Development Executives with Leadership in Cannabis industry

Business Overview

HealthMed Services, Ltd. (the "Company") is purchasing permitted lands and partnering with licensed landowners to provide for immediate commercial cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, and extraction and testing. While the Company will not directly cultivate, manufacture, or distribute cannabis products itself, it will provide licensed land and build-out complete warehouse/greenhouse facilities as incubator space for experienced cultivators (tenants) who have the expertise to conduct this type of business.

This will allow the Company to reap the benefits of these cultivator's businesses without being involved in day-to-day operations. The Company provides triple net leases where tenants are responsible for property taxes, insurance, maintenance, etc. Tenants will be granted two to three month windows to build out their systems and make all necessary improvements before rents commence.

The Company has secured a licensed two acre commercial property, and is commencing development of the site for two 25,000 sq. ft. buildings (incubators), which it will lease to the Company's initial cultivators presently active and entrenched in cannabis production and extraction business

NEW DEVELOPMENTS: We have arranged to purchase a total of 70 acres of land for new growing facilities. One parcel has been approved to plant, grow, cultivate, and sell cannabis. The parcel is also approved for cannabis manufacturing activities including manufacturing CBD oils.

The second parcel is scheduled to be approved in the very near future.

Both properties are located in Southern California.

Financing is underway, and construction is scheduled to begin prior to the end of this year.

Marijuana Growing Facility Investments